Bling Collars and Studded Belts The Latest Fashion Accessories

Published: 18th October 2010
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Bling and glitter have become the latest craze not only among women all over the world but also among men. This has been carried over even among the items being purchased for pets. After all if the master or the mistress is wearing a gem studded belt or bracelet, then can their darling pet be left far behind?
There are many ways in which a fashion accessory can be made to shine and glitter. There are many items which can be attached for sparkle and shimmer. And there is no piece of your clothing or attire which cannot be embellished or built with just that extra gleam that may be needed to make it unique
Belt Buckles:
Just a simple item like this can look cool and hip. Add rhinestone or Swarovski and a cheap belt buckle can look like a designer item. Give it an ancient look and you have vintage belt buckles. Add some more leather and a metal buckle and you will be the envy of all the cowboys. Women have always loved a belt buckle which represents their style and fashion. Hence their belts and belt buckles will always have just that extra zing and sparkle, which will augment anything that they may wear. Studded belts have their own charm and are worn both by men and women.
Now here is an accessory which is used by most people who wear trousers or jeans. Bikers have their own belts; cowboys will flaunt their special belts with specially made buckles to represent their ranch. Handcrafted belts made with leather are specially prized since they are made by special craftsmen. It is easy to see why these would be so popular they are in short supply and are unique in their designs.
A simple belt can however be made to look even better with the help of a special buckle. As we have mentioned earlier, buckles can add to the glamour of any simple belt and also a simple pair of trousers can be made extra smart with just a fancy buckle being attached to it.
Leather Accessories:
Pony tail clips made of leather are specially prized by young girls. It is now very fashionable to attach leather cuffs to your smart new blouse or shirt. Or you could just attach a cuff to a jacket and suddenly it is transformed from a staid office jacket to one which stands out in a crowd.
Dog Collars:
Studded dog collars are in great demand nowadays. The dogs may not enjoy it too much but the owners definitely do relish looking at their darlings wearing a star studded collar. Rhinestone or Swarovski crystals, metal studs or gems, the list is endless you can buy a collar made especially for your pet with his name engraved on it or by one that shimmers in the night. Luxury fashion dog collars made to look like vintage collars have also become the rage nowadays. A sparkle and a shimmer are all that is needed to make your pet look great and make you feel great.

Resource Box: There are plenty of online stores where you can hunt for women leather accessories. From fancy dog collars to western belt buckles, anything can be bought with a single click.

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